Is that the true color of the Boot Rugs?

Be advised that computer images do not always represent color accurately. Please email us for specific questions as we know the Rugs and will be happy to try to help with this.

Do Boot Rugs come with boots?

Boots are not included. Boot Rugs are designed to be worn over your own boots or shoes. The boots in the photographs are for display purposes only.

How do you put on Boot Rugs?

Generally, the easiest method is to slip them over the top of your boot, then slip your foot. You can also slip the Boot Rug on first, pulling it up as far as you can on your leg, then putting your boot on and pulling the rug over the top. This works the best for zipper boots.

Shorter furs look best pulled down on the heel of your boot, longer furs will naturally lay over the heel easier. The great thing about Boot Rugs is that they are very versatile. You may find that you might like them at a certain height with different shoes.

If you have any questions we can help with, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.


How do I clean my Boot Rugs?

Do not put them in the washer or dryer. Use a damp cloth or brush with a fine comb to remove any dirt or particles within the fur. 

Do the Boot Rugs straps and belts come in different colors?

There is only one color strap available for Regal and Bravo Ranch collections. The Santa Angela collection does have some belt color options. Contact us for more details.

Is there an eco-friendly Boot Rugs collection?

Our Bravo Ranch Collection Boot Rugs are made out of hand-loomed fabric that is 100% cotton and vegetable dyed. The fabrics are made by small groups of weavers in villages located in the Highlands of Guatemala. Fabrics are woven on a treadle loom or on a foot loom by natives that continue to carry on this fascinating cultural tradition.

Vegetable dyes are an attractive alternative for people concerned about overexposure to man-made chemicals. PlanetGreen.com suggest these dyes are also more eco-friendly, since their source are plants that can be replenished and regrown.

Is there a way to order Boot Rugs in a custom color or size?

Please contact us for more information on special orders. Availability may vary.

Hand-woven tapestries & authentic cowhide.

Any slight imperfection in the material should be considered normal characteristics of the hand-woven fabrics, many of which we have designed in order to provide the most unique products for our customers.

How can I sell Boot Rugs in my store?

Boot Rugs are available for wholesale. Our minimum order for wholesale accounts is 100 pair within our qualified purchasing time frame. If you are interested in setting up a wholesale account please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Wholesale Account Request Form